About The International Prospect Research Network

The International Prospect Research Network (IPRN) was launched by Chase Solutions Inc. and the Freelance Prospect Research Network in May of 2008.

Our International prospect researchers are freelance prospect researchers and independent prospect research consultants who work as independent contractors for IPRN. Our prospect researchers are generally employed full-time for non-profit organizations and work for the Network evenings and weekends. Our independent prospect research consultants are full-time prospect research consultants.

Dave Chase

Founder and CEO of the International Prospect Research Network, Freelance Prospect Research Network and Chase Solutions Inc.

Dave Chase, founder and CEO of The Freelance Prospect Research Network and Chase Solutions Inc., is a recognized thought leader in the prospect research and wealth intelligence field. Dave served as treasurer of the New England Development Research Association and as secretary of the New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy. He is a national presenter of professional seminars on prospect research and wealth intelligence. As a volunteer fundraiser he co-founded and served as president of the Hyannis Youth & Community Center Foundation and chaired its successful $6 million capital campaign for this $25 million Cape Cod community treasure. Dave also serves on the board, and chairs the development committee, for Cape Cod Child Development Program, a $13 million child and family services organization.


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